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Commercial / Developing

NO NONSENSE HOME IMPROVEMENTS in Essex cover a variety commercial work in Essex and London ranging from Double glazing windows and doors in Pubs, Shop fronts, Offices and Gyms to conservatories on restaraunts and lots more. We already have relationships with a number of property developers both businesses and private and are always happy to work along side more.

We know that as a company or a private developer time schedules can be of the utmost importance and can sometimes evolve around working out of hours to meet goals. 

We will work closely with you and arrange all requirements to keep you running as smoothly as possible with very little if any disruption.

When we do not have to make good around installations (plaster, render, trim etc) or remove old products on developments we make a saving of which we pass straight onto you to making us very competitive.

Got a question? just give us a call 01268 776 566 or 01702 520 606 or email [email protected]